Connect your Google Account

When you integrate your Google account with the Serwiz platform, you can connect a number of Google services to your Serwiz account. By doing so, Serwiz will be able to access data and information from your Google account. Those services and types of data are outlined below;
Gmail: You can send and receive Gmail messages, view emails, modify email drafts in the Serwiz app. You will also be able to log and track emails sent in-app. Serwiz will have access to your Gmail data, like email headers, subject lines, and email bodies.
Google Calendar: You can sync your google calendar with Serwiz and use the Meetings tool to create new or modify existing meetings on your primary Google Calendar.
We will use your Google data to enhance parts of our product that connect with the Google tools you use every day. It is your data, we will just use it to enhance your user experience.
You can remove the integration in the Serwiz app by navigating to Settings > Conversations and clicking ‘Delete’ against the account. You can also revoke Serwiz’s access from within your Google account.
Serwiz’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy including the Limited Use requirements.

For more information on the Google integration and the types of data we can access, please see our Product Privacy Policy